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Piano Paraphernalia

As at 24 November 2014
(hit your 'refresh' button if you think this page
may be out of date)

How to find or make bits and pieces to help your pianistic journey.

Homemade or DIY devices to adjust the correct sitting height, keep your piano in tune, and hold the sheet music up etc. Click on these links for lots of photos and advice.

PIano chair boxes (to adjust your sitting height)

How to sit correctly at the piano

PIano chairs and benches

PIano hydration (water) beakers to maintain pitch (but note this contrary advice from the piano tuner's association:

Piano music stands / sheet music holders: rigid and foldable (portable)

Article about solving a tuning problem in an old piano

Photos of various pianos, inside and out (pianos referred to in the article above).

Other information about pianos, including:
  • How to find a piano tuner / technician
  • Online information & advice
  • Do-it-yourself care & maintenance
  • Finding the age & value of your piano
  • More resources
Some sound advice from another site (
"A GOOD used piano is FOUR times better than a Cheap New Piano. It Sounds better, It Plays better, It Tunes better, It Holds its value better.

"There is only one rule in buying a piano. Buy quality. It does not matter if it is new or used. In fact a good used piano could last for decades and save you thousands of dollars. A cheap new piano will never hold its value and may struggle to hold its tune."

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