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Piano sheet music holders

(home made / DIY music stands)

Piano music sheet holders: rigid or foldable (portable).

To my students and others: DRAFT in-progress: When I'm next reunited with my two pianos I'll take better photos and will measure the dimensions. I recommend waiting until I've got that completed before you start making either of these but In the meantime this will help you to start thinking about it.


Most pianos and electric keyboards have very small music holders that are quite inadequate, so I recommend making much bigger ones.

The first one below was made by for me by my brother, Lawrence, many years ago. We were experimenting a bit with the cut out sections but they're useless, so just go for a plain design.

Being made of wood and rather large it's too big and heavy to use on anything other than an acoustic piano or similar. I wouldn't try it on a keyboard stand (see below for a better solution for that situation).


There is masking tape along the bottom to stop pages slipping off.


The home-made stand sits on the piano's built-in stand.


The back has felt-like material to prevent scratches, rattles & buzzes. It runs over the entire surface, including the underneath section that sits on the piano's own music stand.



A plastic (original) music stand on a digital piano.


The same plastic stand with a home-made portable folding stand sitting on it. This is made from a business bookkeeping log book purchased at a newsagent/stationery shop, with the pages cut out using a stanley trimmer. It's opened up and a large rule is clipped to it to provide stability. Other clips are to secure the sheet music scores.

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