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I can help you personally in Perth by examining your piano or one that you are looking to buy, and giving you my opinion. Or I can recommend some highly-experienced piano tuner/technicians who provide a comprehensive and reliable service.

Examining secondhand pianos was one of my first hobbies. I used to love going to the auctions where I'd take them apart and examine them with a torch and a tuning fork, usually when no-one was looking. Though I'm not an expert and have no formal training in piano construction or maintenance, I can tell you the basics, which could really help you put things in perspective and avoid costly mistakes.

Sometimes the biggest mistake of all is to take the word of an inexperienced piano technician! Ask me how I know that.

Most of my experience has been with uprights but many principles also apply to grand pianos.

About Your Piano

For an online service that will find the year of manufacture of your piano and its secondhand value, click Find the Age and Value of My Piano.

If you have a Yamaha or Eterna piano, click Yamaha Piano Serial Number Age Listing.

Piano Maintenance etc

Click Piano eBooks and Free Reports for these:
How To Tune Your Own Piano
How To Repair Your Own Piano
How To Rebuild Your Own Piano
How To Re-Scale Your Own Piano
How To Refinish Your Own Piano
How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Business
How To Build Your Own Piano Bench
How To Build Your Own Piano Tuning Tool Case
Plus FREE REPORTS (no purchase required):
Why Does My Piano Go Out of Tune?
How To Shop For A Good Piano
Is My Old Piano Worth Rebuilding?
Should I Move My Own Piano?
How To Clean Ivory Keys.
This piano tuning site (above) is designed to provide you with a vast amount of information about piano service and related subjects. They also supply a complete line of piano tuning tools, kits, parts and supplies. Plus a complete line of stock & custom piano decals.

You will also find an extensive list of accessories such as piano benches & stools, and piano moving equipment.
Piano Tuning & Repairs Since 1965.

Piano Repair & Tuning: What To Look For in a Secondhand Piano (Tuning Pins, Cracked Wrest Planks).

I've written this short article about old uprights for everyday people who:

  1. have an old piano and want to maintain its tuning
  2. want to sell an old piano, or
  3. want to know what to look for when buying one.
If you are buying or selling an old piano, make sure you read this article.
Click here to see detailed photos of the pianos in the article.

Piano chair box: a device to elevate your pIano chair or stool.

How to sit at the piano.

Hydration: keeping your piano's wrest plank (pin block) in good condtion so it stays in tune.

Piano tuner / technicians
and other piano resources

Western Australia

NOTE: ARPT means Australasian Registered Piano Technician, only awarded to members of the Australasian Piano Tuners & Technicians Association (APTTA) who have passed a comprehensive assessment of their skills taking up to 12 hours. All members of the APTTA are bound by a Code of Ethics.

Peter Clark (
ARPT). Tuning, Repairs, Sales. Mobile 0417 927 594.
Accredited Yamaha and Kawai Tuner. Adv. Cert. Piano Tech. 1989.
Lives in Darlington WA 6070, and is very happy to tune all makes of pianos in the hills and anywhere in the Perth metropolitan area. 
See for Peter's extensive qualifications and experience.

G. W. Ridge Pianos, Greg Ridge (ARPT). Ph 9352 8255 or 9352 8609.
Mobile 0409 115 437, Gooseberry Hill WA 6076. ARPT


Australasian Piano Tuners & Technicians Association (APTTA)
See their list of technicians in each state. Currently, there are about a dozen or so members in WA.


Piano Technicians Guild - big list of articles

Find an accompanist anywhere in the world

See also:

My Piano Blog

Make a comment or ask a question and I'll try to give you a useful answer.

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