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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to me. I will never provide your contact information to third parties for use in spam or junk mail. I'm committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your personal data, traffic data and communications content to the best of my ability.

Your personal data
You may choose to provide me with various pieces of personal data, such as your email address, name, phone number, interests etc. None of this will be given to any third party unless required by law or as a necessary step in a process you have authorised me to undertake.

Contacting you & opting out
I will use your information to contact you, if you specifically request me to contact you. In order to do so I may need to enter your data in a third party service (for example, an auto-responder). However, I will not allow such third party service to make further use of the data.

You may request me to contact you by emailing, phoning or writing to me, or by filling-in an online form. In some circumstances this will be a 'double opt-in' procedure. In any case, you may immediately opt-out of receiving future communications from me at any time, usually by clicking a link in an email, but also by sending me a text message via mobile phone, writing to me at my postal address, etc.

What is a Double Opt-In List?

Everyone's heard of mass email campaigns. In the old days we all got hundreds of spam (unwanted junk emails) every day. It can still happen now but thankfully there are laws against it and various measures to reduce it.

Nowadays if someone wants to email you about their new product or sales campaign they have to use a 'double opt-in' list of addresses.

The principle is this: you visit a website and find a 'survey page' or similar which asks you to provide your email address. It says on the page they'll be sending emails or some other form of communication to you, but that's not enough because it might not have been you at all, it could have been your best friend or an enemy who provided the email address.

So, they have to send you an email specifically asking you to confirm your inclusion on the list.

Presumably, you are the only person with access to your email, and if you reply 'yes,' that means you've asked to be included twice. Hence, 'double opt-in.' You can opt-out at any time.

Cookies are small pieces of data generated, stored and maintained on your computer's memory by web browser programmes (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc) when you visit certain sites that use this technique (which is a great many). If you have your browser set to allow cookies, the site that caused the cookie to be produced will be able to access and update the cookie. If you have cookies disabled you may find problems using many sites.

Some of the third party services I use, such as form-handling sites and payment sites like PayPal and Shopify, may use cookies. I also use Google Analytics in my site; Google uses cookies for the purpose of reporting anonymous aggregate data. I'm not directly involved in any of these procedures so if you need to know more you should access the privacy policy of each third party service. I do not access such cookie data and make no separate or personal use of it and do not store it.

Linked affiliate sites
My site has a number of affiliate links. These are special URLs which include a code which identifies me as the source. If you click on an affiliate link you will be taken to a third party site. If you need to know more you should access the privacy policy of that third party affiliate site. I am not provided with any of your details when you make a purchase through one of these affiliate links.

You can read the Amazon privacy policy for affilate links here:

Pay-Per-Click advertising
My site uses PPC ads (such as Google's Adsense). If you click on a PPC ad your browser will open that site in a new tab or page, the advertiser will be charged a small fee by the advertising company (such as Adsense) and I will be credited a percentage of the fee. I do not receive any personally identifying information about who clicked on the ad--the only statistics I am provided with are anonymous.

If you post a comment on one of my blogs your username and email address may be accessible to anyone browsing my site. If you wish to have a comment altered or removed, please contact me.

Updates & modifications
This privacy policy may be updated or modified at any time.

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