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Welcome to my SINGING SITE entry page

Voice Problems, Vocal Health

Singing Lessons & Speech Restoration

So you have particular problems in singing, or speech?

And you want to solve them, is that right?

Perhaps you have a raspy or hoarse voice, or you lose your voice after the first bracket in your gigs. Or the top end has disappeared, or the middle is weak.

You've come to the right person. I'm a whiz at analysing and solving vocal problems, it's what I love doing. Whatever the problem, I will help you solve it fast.

Now, when I say fast, it's impossible to say how fast. But certainly not six months! If anyone tells you it's going to take that long I'd suggest you get a second opinion straight away. Most identifiable issues can be turned around in a few lessons or a few weeks, perhaps up to six weeks. And you should see some improvement in minutes, not months.

I always start with the fundamentals and build up the voice from there. From the very first session you will find your voice is starting to make more sense to you.

At the first meeting we'll talk a lot about your voice, your vocal history and your aims. Then I'll test your voice for a number of parameters. Many students have told me this initial process on its own has helped them greatly. They understand a lot more about singing, and their own voice in particular. Often this immediately makes a big difference. Many times new students have told me at the second lesson that everyone in the band could already hear an improvement.

And I'll steer you clear of the BIG MISTAKES singers make. Both experienced and new singers get a lot of wrong ideas in their heads but together we'll sort that out.

I'm a highly skilled teacher for singing, vocal production, vocal health/voice care, and speech technique. I have a really detailed understanding of the physiology of the voice and the many other factors that are involved. I've become quite specialised in these areas for adults so I only teach singers 18 years and older, up to say, 80 years. Teaching voice to children is a separate specialisation which I don't do, but please feel free to contact me if you need a referral to a teacher who specialises in teaching singing to children.

For more about how and what I teach see More About Voice Lessons.(link is down).

For details about my singing background and how I came to have a deep understanding of singing and speech, see Learning About The Voice.(link is down).

Click on the headlines below for more about each item.

Voice Articles

Useful articles by myself and others about singing & speech technique, the science of the voice, and controversial issues.

My Blog

Make a comment or ask a question and I'll try to give you a useful answer.

Vocal Sheet Music

Original & other music for voice, including choirs.

Recommended Resources

Links and reviews for music, equipment or services I've had some personal experience with.

Singing Lessons

Beginners, intermediate, advanced. Any age between 18 and 80. Regular lessons or occasional consultations.

Speech Restoration

Is your speaking voice hoarse, or sounding squeeky? Is it painful or lacking power and projection? Contact me and together we'll sort it all out.

More About Voice Lessons

Styles, shared lessons, languages. How long does it take? Techniques taught, vocal qualities, protecting your voice.

Choir Singers

I founded and conducted two adult choirs for a total of six years, and taught all the members. Learn about the very important differences between solo and choral voice production. In lessons I can guide you through this minefield. Ignore the dangers at your peril!

Piano Accompaniment

Student performances, exams, auditions & shows. Any instrument or voice. I'm a very experienced sight-reading accompanist. Book me NOW before someone else does.

Music Exam Preparation

For theory or practical exams in any instrument or voice. Coaching on rhythm & beat, general knowledge (keys, forms, terms), ear training, voice training for singing tests, sight-reading/sight-singing. You can continue regular lessons with your usual teacher while you have a short series of extra coaching sessions with me, but don't leave it to the last moment.

Since May 2011 I've been living in the Perth hills, in the Shire of Mundaring, Western Australia. Click on the links to learn more or contact me by phone or email. My mobile phone is 0414 374 701.

Why is reading or hearing about it not the same as having a lesson?

Recent and upcoming performances & public appearances.


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