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Mix Margaret Dylan Jones

W.A. composer, pianist, teacher, article writer

Specialist in solving singing problems

for a wide range of musical styles

Hello and welcome to the

ENTRY PORTAL for my music & other sites

Are you looking for piano or singing lessons? Do you need a pianist for your restaurant, wedding, exam or audition? Perhaps you are searching for information.

See my page on wedding ceremony music.

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Phone me on  0414  374  701, or email me via this form.

Upcoming classical music recitals, all 2.30pm
on the third Sundays in Mundaring town:
18 March, 20 May (week after Mother's Day),
16 September, 18 November 2018.
(Details to be advised. Please note the first two recitals
have new dates as of 22 January). 

Click on Mix Margaret & Friends.

YouTube video of excerpts from my
June 2017 solo piano recital in Chidlow:

My major article about Mx or Mix, a non-binary transgender honorific title:

About Mx, with Miss, Mrs, Mr, Ms,

and the singular they

Click here to see how to buy my music.
Long, rambling mostly musical biography.
Credo & shorter composer biography.

My blog:

Lessons in piano, singing or music theory

For six years 2011-2017 I was a continous house sitter, almost always house sitting for free. At long last I have now settled down. But I still do paid visits to homes in the Shire of Mundaring to feed pets & water plants. See  PAID  PET  VISITOR.

Main site (this site, many pages):

Listen free to my music (and my father's recordings):

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("Mix Margaret Dylan Jones"):

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Site list if you can't find something:

External (off-site) contact form, to send me an email (please don't use FB messages): (make sure you type your own email address correctly otherwise I won't be able to reply).

Parkerville Amphitheatre:
A brief history 1966-2001, info about an 87 minute documentary which had its first three public screenings in July 2015, and some myth busting. You can watch it free online.

Mix Margaret Dylan Jones, MusB (UWA), DipEd, LTCL, ATCL, AMusTCL, AMusA. Pianist, accompanist, composer. Teacher of piano, singing, theory, in the Perth area, Western Australia. Associate Composer, AMC. WWC Check. Using the honorific title Mx (pronounced Mix) since 2002.

Margaret Jones at Hills Choir concert June 2014

Click here if you want live background classical piano music at your cafe or restaurant.

Click here if you want live background classical piano music at your party, private function or wedding.

My YouTube channel has several videos.

See my recent and upcoming performances & public appearances.

Hear my original piano compositions on Sound Cloud.


Since moving back to Perth from the Pilbara I can only offer lessons to new students linving in the Perth Hills or Foothills. I don't have my own studio these days so I teach you in your own home.

On the Piano Pages you can find out about piano playing, technique, maintenance of your piano, piano music, music theory and related topics.

The Singing Site has information about singing and speech technique, physiology, vocal health, solving singing problems and restoring your voice.

On the third site you'll find useful music resources reviewed and recommended which I've had some personal experience with. You get the benefit of my many years of experience in teaching hundreds of piano and singing students, conducting two choirs, and composing educational music.

Please feel free to make comments on the blog. You can even ask anything you like about your own piano or voice and I'll try to give you a useful answer.

Give me a call or send me an email if you live in Perth (Western Australia) and want lessons in singing, piano, theory, keyboard harmony, or voice care, or you need speech restoration. Contact me if you're looking for piano accompaniment for exams, auditions etc, or solo piano for restaurants and weddings etc.

Click on the links to learn more or reach me by phone or email.
My mobile phone is  0414  374  701.
About my most important mentors:

Vale Roger Smalley, a great Australian musical intellect 1943 - 2015

In Memoriam, Brian Michell 1933 - 2000

Pilbara Music Teachers List: a special link for my friends in the Pilbara.


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