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Rates & charges for  HOUSE  SITTING

Updated 28 September 2014
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may be out of date)

UPDATE: as from Sept 2014 I have discontinued charging for any house sitting. I have reverted to always house sitting for FREE.

I still offer paid pet sitting during school holidays. See

If you somehow found this page, please DISREGARD the text below this point.

I have very competative rates because I don't go through an agency, and I'm not trying to make a living from house sitting.

Most of my house sitting is free.
For the ten months February to November each year I make no charges for house sitting.

Charges for dates in December and January

BOOKING FEE: $100. Paid at the time of confirming your dates.
Fully-refundable if cancelled more than 30 days prior to the commencement of the house sit, and not refundable after that point.

DAILY RATE: Usually $20 per day.

If there are no pets and only very limited or no garden watering, the daily rate is $10.
Where there is an extensive list of pets or other animals and/or extensive watering, the daily rate is by negotiation.

We can discuss various timings for payment. I'm very flexible about whether some is paid in advance or in arrears, how often, and whether it's cash or via online direct credit (I'll give you the BSB info).

MINIMUM CHARGE: $200, including the booking fee.

REPEAT BOOKINGS: booking fee for second and subsequent house sits is $50 (or free if in the period February to November).

FREE: Two or three visits before the big day to discuss everything, make detailled notes, and possibly take photographs (if that will help me remember how to feed your animals etc). Please don't hesitate to ask for a free initial 'no obligation' visit so we can meet and see if it's going to work. I am very happy to meet people 'on spec,' just so we already know each other for house sitting some time in the future.

FREE: Emails to you while you're away, with reports and photos.

FREE: Debriefing after your return (if I'm not home when you get back).

Note: under the terms of our agreement, as the house sitter I will not pay for the use of electricity, gas, water, television, and internet access etc., nor for pet food & supplies (I buy my own food, of course.) My rates are low and life is already too complicated to calculate fractions of bills. As the Meerkat says on TV, 'Simples.'

In August 2013 after more than two years' continuous house sitting and frequent suggestions that I should charge for house sitting, I decided to go semi-professional (but only for the months of December and January). Bookings (tentative & confirmed) made prior to August 2013 will remain free of all charges (this includes the bookings already made for 2014 in Hovea, Mt Helena, Chidlow and two in Gidgegannup).

Back to main housesitting page.

See also my page on paid pet sitting during school holidays (that's where I simply visit your home on certain days instead of living there).

Click on the links to learn more about me. You can reach me by phone or email. My mobile is 0414 374 701.

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