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Mix Margaret Dylan Jones

W.A. composer, pianist, teacher, article writer

Experienced HOUSE SITTER Available

Do you require a  FREE  HOUSE  SITTER ?
Updated 06 July 2015
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may be out of date)

I'm available to house sit in the Perth hills and foothills, in the Shire of Mundaring or the Midland foothills.


I love these localities and surrounding areas:
MIdland, Mundaring (town or shire), Stoneville, Parkerville, Hovea, Mahogany Creek, Glen Forrest, Darlington, Boya, Koongamia, Greenmount, Jane Brook, Stratton, Swan View, Midvale, Bellevue, Helena Valley, Sawyers Valley, Mount Helena, Chidlow, Gidgegannup, Beechina.

If you're looking for great references---housesitting, police, work, personal---give me a call or send me an email (see the red email link near the end).


There is no charge for house sitting (all year round). I get free rent & utility bills, you get free house sitting & pet minding.

During the Christmas school holidays I also offer  PAID  PET  SITTING (click on that link for more info). That's where I don't live in but simply visit daily to feed your pets & water your plants.


If you think you may need a house sitter please send me an email (click on the link at the bottom of this page). Be sure to include your location (suburb), dates (even if only approximate or prospective), and your requirements (eg "two dogs, some watering"). Bear in mind that even if I can't accept your booking at the moment I might contact you again if I get a cancellation.

If you're thinking about booking me please  DO  NOT  WAIT  until all your trip details are finalised, contact me NOW even if your dates are uncertain.

Please don't hesitate to ask for a free initial 'no obligation' visit so we can meet and see if it's going to work. I am very happy to meet people 'on spec,' just so we already know each other for house sitting some time in the future.


I'm mature (54, going on 34), sensible, experienced, capable, intelligent. I like living alone and have almost no visitors. Once in a blue moon my brother or mother might visit me, or a friend for bush walking. I'm a good communicator in all media (phone, letter, email, in person).

Although I'm not a gardener I enjoy hand watering lawns & gardens. No stranger to housework. Never smoked, drunk or used any drugs (I have a drink once a year).

Great rapport with pets. Over the last few years I've lived with countless dogs (very small, medium, large), countless cats, dozens of fish, some crustaceans, many flocks of chooks (up to 42 in one location), some geese, sheep, goats, alpacas, ponies, one miniature horse, guinea pigs, and many birds including budgies, red cap parrots, galahs, weiros, an eclectus and others.


Usually I visit you three times. First to take a few notes and see if we both want to proceed. At the second visit I'll take more detailed notes about how to feed your pets etc. And then I'll visit a day or two before you leave. These visits are free.

Sometimes a booking gets cancelled when a house is sold or a job is lost. This has happened four or five times so far, so it's worth contacting me even if it looks like I'm already booked.


Margaret D. Jones (androgyne), highly qualified classical musician, travelling music teacher (teaching students piano, theory or singing in their own homes, not yours).

MY  WORK  previously included a year or so working in disability support (part-time) in Kingsley and Victoria Park. I worked as a security patrol officer in Karratha (full-time) and Perth (part-time).

My background as a security officer means I'm observant and know how to report anything suspicious or noteworthy. One of my house sitting clients in 2013 was extremely glad they had me there when I discovered that burglars had been busy.

MY  PLAN  is to house sit continuously until some time in 2017 (at least), at which point I will seek to rent a two or three bedroom house or a granny flat in the same area. At that time I'll resume teaching some of my students at my own home and continue teaching others in their own homes. (At present I only practice at home, and teach all my students in their own homes. I don't have students coming to the homes I house sit.)

When there are gaps between house sits I stay with with friends. I keep most of my life's acquisitions in storage.


COMING  UP  NEXT  IN  2014 and into 2015:

I have several bookings, with gaps, through to early 2015.

I'm sorry this is not more up-to-date. I'm booked to around the middle of October 2015.


PREVIOUS  HOUSE  SITTING  (references available, just ask):

Please remember, it's worth contacting me even if it looks like I'm already booked because cancellations do happen.

2013 December 26 to 12 January 2014: Gidgegannup. Two dogs, lots of  chickens. (repeat client, 3rd time).

2013 December 17 to 25: Parkerville. One pony (miniature horse), two cats, three goats and three chooks.

2013 December 12 to 16: house sitting in Mundaring was cancelled due to the owner's change of plan, so I stayed with a friend in Morley.

2013 October 26 to December 11: Glen Forrest. One dog, two cats.

2013 October 2 to 23: Mundaring, near the golf course. One dog; tropical fish.

2013 Septemer 27 to October 01: A GAP, I stayed with friends in Mundaring and Morley. (House sitting for another friend in Mundaring was cancelled because a holiday was rescheduled.)

2013 September 19 September to 26: Glen Forrest, weiros, red cap parrots, goldfish, bandicoots, possums, wild birds (repeat client, 3rd time).

2013 September 10 to 16: Hovea (the one with the piano) (repeat client).

2013 August 17 to September 10: Darlington. Two dogs (repeat client, 3rd time). This couple had to shorten their trip by a week. They said "Don't worry, when we get back from our overseas trip [a week early] we'll head off in the mobile home and find somewhere to go camping for a week, so you can still stay here," which was very thoughtful but obivously not ideal for them. So I emailed seven others who I'd turned down to see if any still needed a house sitter. That's why I did a repeat at Hovea in September after this one.

2013 July 24 to August 16: Chidlow. One lovely dog and some great bush walks.

2013 July 15 to July 23: Parkerville. Two dogs, two cats, some fish.

2013 July 12 to July 15: Gidgegannup
, 3 cats, 13 sheep, 1 ram, 1 alpaca, 4 chooks, watering (repeat client).

(July 2013 in Swan View was cancelled due a job being lost).

2013 June 12 to July 12: Gidgegannup. Two labradores, three alpacas, fish, chooks & a ram.

2013 May 29 to June 7: Darlington (repeat client).

2013 May 20 to 28: nine days in Glen Forrest (repeat client).

May 9 to 17: nine days in Hovea (not the same place as previous December), two small dogs.

2013 May 2 to May 8: Darlington
(repeat from Feb. 2013, just two cats & watering this time) (repeat client).

2013 April 12 to May 2: Gidgegannup, 3 cats, 13 sheep, 1 ram, 1 alpaca, 4 chooks, watering.

(April / May 2013: four weeks in Chidlow, near Lake Leschenaultia [not the same place as previous November], was cancelled due to a holiday trip being cancelled.)

2013 March 26 to April 10: Darlington, two dogs.

2013 March 15 to 27: Mt Helena. 2 dogs, 3 cats, 15 chickens (inc. 3 roosters), 3 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 6 ducks, 1 goose, two parrots, three other birds in separate cages, some watering.

2013 February 23 to March 10: Parkerville, one dog, watering.

2013 February: 22 days in Darlington, two cats, one dog, one home owner requiring a little assistance.

2013 Mid-January to early February : staying with my best friend in Morley.

(A booking late January to early February 2013 in Parkerville was cancelled because their niece came to stay.)

Mid-December 2012 to 8 January 2013: a few weeks in Hovea, not far from where I grew up. And another piano! What's with all these pianos? Almost four in a row just when my own piano is sitting in a piano tuner's workshop getting reconditioned--perfect timing.

(A booking in Sawyers Valley in Dec / Jan was cancelled due to another  property being sold). (Repeat client, would have been my third time with them).

2012 December: two weeks in Mount Helena, one old cat & three chooks.

2012 November: twenty days in Lesmurdie
. This is out of my usual area, but you can't always get what you want, you get what you need. This booking was accepted before closer ones came along.

2012 November: nine days in Chidlow
near Lake Leschenaultia. Cats, dogs, horses, and a piano.

2012 October: twelve days in Parkerville, two dogs, some fish, some plant watering, and the most amazing view. Not far from where I grew up.

2012 October: six days in Koongamia,
two dogs (one a greyhound), three cats, three chooks, and piano. Yay!

2012 September to October: nearly four weeks in Mundaring (near Jarrah Creek), 42 chooks, two ponies, one dog, and a piano. Yay!

(A booking in Wooroloo in Sept / Oct 2012 was cancelled due to the property being sold).

2012 September: a few days house sitting for my brother in Sawyers Valley, two chihuahuas, three geese, a few chickens.

2012 September: one week in Glen Forrest, weiros, red cap parrots, goldfish, bandicoots, possums, wild birds.

2012 July to August: four weeks in Sawyers Valley
(repeat client, 14 chooks plus watering).

2012 July: sixteen days in Gidgegannup (repeat client, two dogs, 11 chooks, two ponies which I fed carrots daily).

2012 May to July: six weeks in Beechina (near Chidlow), four dogs (one is blind and deaf), two cats, numerous fish and crustaceans. The neighbours looked after ponies and sheep (and I fed carrots to the ponies most days).

2012 April: Seven weeks in Mount Helena, four chooks and a little watering on hot days.

2012 April: Eight days paid pet sitting in Mount Helena: 5 chooks (inc. 3 silkies), six guinea pigs, one dog, some watering.

2012 March: ten days in Swan View. 2 poodles and a little watering. Nice swimming pool!

2012 March: two and a half weeks in Mundaring town, two dogs (a ridgeback and a small dog) plus a little watering in the heat wave.

2012 February: four weeks in Sawyers Valley. 14 chooks and lots of watering.

2012 January: twelve days in Gidgegannup. Two medium-large dogs (a ridgeback and a staffie cross) who were an absolute delight, 6 chooks, a few pot plants, mail collecting from PO. Quite an eventful time: thunder, lightening, hail; smelt smoke from 4km and began evacuation procedures (but didn't need to go); power & water failures (used the  generator; Western Power eventually found a fried possum on the line); found stray birds in a covered orchard; gate forced open by storm debris; and a big tree came down. Was only 12 days but it kept me on my toes.

2012 January: Paid pet-sitting in Parkerville, daily visits for 16 days. Two cats, some watering. I don't normally do paid sitting but agreed as the plan was for me to do complete house-sitting some months later for free, and it was school holiday time which is when I have more time on my hands.

2011 December to January 2012: three weeks in Stoneville. Two cockerspaniels, three redcap parrots, two galahs, some watering. This one overlapped a little with the Mundaring house but the owner was happy for me to simply make daily visits initially.

2011 November to December: seven weeks in Mundaring town.
One cat, 12 chooks, 20 fish, a worm farm, many newly-planted native plants.

2011 May to October: six months in a house in Parkerville (Mundaring / Perth hills), May to the end of October. This home was complete with two gorgeous cats who always sat on my lap when I watched television.

2009: My very first. 15 weeks in a three-bedroom house in Karratha (Pilbara region), which had been retained by an accounting firm as a staff house but was not required for their staff at the time. At the end of my stay they offered to rent it to me, "for only $1350.00 per week." (They don't use Australian money in the Pilbara, they have their own currency. It's called "Karratha Money.")


I grew up in Parkerville and Hovea, went to school at Parkerville PS, Eastern Hills SHS, and Governor Stirling SHS (this was all in the Good 'ol Days, up to 1978), but since going to UWA in 1979 I lived away from the area (in the western suburbs, plus 3 years in Sydney and 4 years in Karratha).

Click on the links to learn more about me. You can reach me by phone or email. My mobile is 0414 374 701.

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