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Mix Margaret Dylan Jones

W.A. composer, pianist, teacher, article writer

Supporting the
Institution of Marriage.
A Trans Perspective

Links and info about our video, the plebiscite on marriage equality in Australia, and a brief glossary for the terms Mx (Mix), androgyne, cisgender, transgender, intersex, non-binary and enby.

Our video on YouTube: Supporting the Institution of Marriage: A Trans Perspective
Transcript of the video.

Please ensure you are registered for the Australian POSTAL plebiscite by 6pm AEST on 24 August 2017.
Check that your enrolment address is correct with the AEC so the ABS can snail mail you the voting form:

Ballot papers will start arriving in the mail from September 12. The postal vote closes 7 November. Please make sure you post it back promptly. Don't let it gather dust!

The postal vote is not compulsory, and is not binding on our politicians. But please don't let that discourage you: Vote YES! to send them a big message. Even former High Court justice Michael Kirby has clarified his comment about boycotting it and now intends to vote Yes if the plebiscite is not halted by a High Court challenge.

A final result from the postal poll is expected a week after it closes. It has been confirmed that only people aged 18 years and over will be able to vote.

Overseas voters: the ABS will post your ballot to you as long as you are registered as an overseas voter.

How the postal plebiscite/survey works:

Marriage equality, same-sex marriage in Australia:

Transgender marriage:

Major sites about intersex variations:

My links:

Brief glossary of terms used in our video. Please note that terminology in this area has always been in a state of flux.

Androgyne (noun)
A person whose gender identity is not exclusively male or female and who may or may not also be intersex. (Based on IFAS, 2002, modified.) An androgyne is a type of transgender person who might or might not also be intersex. Androgyne comes from ancient Greek and Latin, where andr- pertains to man and gyné- pertains to woman. The modern word refers to how a person thinks of themself, it's a type of gender identity. I'm an androgyne.

Cisgender man, cisgender woman, cisgender person: a person who has grown up identifying perfectly well with the gender or sex they were born (and with only that one). Most people are cisgender so this probably refers to you. If it's a new term to you, don't fret about it, it just means a person who is not transgender. Cisgender is pronounced siss-gender and comes from Latin, where cis- means 'on this side of.'

A person with a non-binary identity. They may or may not use the umbrella term 'transgender' to describe themself. Some use Mx (Mix) as their honorific title and the singular they as their pronoun, or many other honorifics and pronouns.

Intersex person, person with an intersex variation
A person born with reproductive organs, genitalia and/or sex chromosomes that are not exclusively male or female. (Based on IFAS, 2002, modified.) Most intersex people are not transgender. That is, most intersex people have a gender identity which is exclusively male or exclusively female (just like most people in society at large, ie cisgender people).

Mx (Mix)
A non-binary transgender title in continuous use since at least 2002. Now recognised by many governments and businesses throughout the English-speaking world. Used by many enby or other non-binary transgender people to proudly proclaim their non-binary gender status. Note that it is not effective in hiding or concealing gender, and some dictionaries have clearly erroneous definitions. Often the users of Mx use the singular they/them/their as their pronouns.
See my major article on Mx and the singular they or my blog: Androgyne using the new Mx title since 2002, now in OED.


Trans, Transgender
An umbrella term which covers non-binary as well as the old term 'transsexual,' and others. Opposite of 'cisgender.'

Transgender person: 1) someone whose innate gender identity is not exclusively male or female.
They might identify as a mixture of male and female, or as not having a gender at all. Or their gender identity might change from time to time between various genders, having no gender, or having a gender mix. Some transgender people change their bodies in ways that are similar to transsexual people. There are many terms used to describe them, such as enby, non-binary, genderfluid etc. Some of these people use the honorific title Mx (Mix), and the singular they as their personal pronoun.

Transgender person: 2) someone who has a gender identity exclusively and consistently of a man or a woman, but who was born with a body that has the opposite anatomy (many years ago these people were described as 'transsexual'). It's a generalisation, but they usually have exclusively male or exclusively female identities. Many have changed, or would like to change, their body to be physically the opposite sex to the way they were born so that their body matches their innate gender identity (how they think of themself). A transman was born with a female body and a transwoman was born with a male body, though to the best of my knowledge most such people prefer to be simply known as men or women, respectively. Some individuals might not be able, or might not even want, to change their bodies by very much, but I believe they identify exclusively as men or women, not as mixtures.

My major article about Mx or Mix, a non-binary transgender honorific title:

About Mx, with Miss, Mrs, Mr, Ms,

and the singular they

Mix Margaret Dylan Jones
, MusB (UWA), DipEd, LTCL, ATCL, AMusTCL, AMusA. Pianist, accompanist, composer. Teacher of piano, singing, theory, in the Perth area, Western Australia. Associate Composer, AMC. WWC Check. Using the non-binary transgender honorific title Mx (or Mix) since 2002.


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