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My search for new digs
January 2018

I'm looking for new accommodation. Nothing fancy, it just needs to be cheap and in the Mundaring Hills area.

This is likely to be a room in a shared house, or perhaps a Granny Flat.
Long-term if possible (but maybe I'll have to settle for short term if nothing comes up).

For six years I was a continuous house sitter in this area, until May 2017 when I moved-in with my fiancée and her kids in Sawyers Valley. That's all over now (though I'm still living with them). I would prefer not to go back to house sitting.

See pics below.

I work part-time as a peripatetic (travelling) music teacher, driving around the hills teaching piano, singing, music theory, vocal health and speech in students' own homes.

Students don't come to me, I go to them. At home I practice on a digital piano with headphones.

I'm also applying for part-time work in disability support, which I used to do before taking up house sitting. See my page about disability support.

In the holidays I do paid house visits to water plants & feed animals. No stranger to pets of many kinds!

While I'm very good with animals I don't have a pet and won't be getting one for myself. I'm very happy to live with your pets and help with looking after them.

Margaret Jones at Hills Choir concert June 2014

I'm an androgyne (non-binary transgender); that is, I'm partly male and partly female. People call me 'she' or 'they.'

I've never smoked or drunk alcohol or used any drugs.

My most recent Police Clearance was issued on 19 December 2017 and is totally clear. My Working With Children Check is valid to March 2019.

Phone me for a chat on  0414  374  701, or email me via this form (make sure you type your own email address correctly otherwise I won't be able to reply).


Mx Margaret D. Jones
Associate Composer, Australian Music Centre.
WWC Check.
Pianist, accompanist, composer and teacher in the eastern hills area of Perth, Western Australia.

I've been using the non-binary transgender/enby honorific title Mx (pronounced 'mix') since 2002. My pronouns are 'she,' or the singular 'they.'

My upcoming classical music recitals, all 2.30pm
on the third Sundays in Mundaring town:
18 February, 15 April, 16 September, 18 November 2018
(details to be advised).
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