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Main site (many pages): www.mixmargaret.com

Listen free to my music: soundcloud.com/mix-margaret-dylan-jones/sets

YouTube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCz318nZdr520zMNK6GNfnjQ

To buy my music online: shopify-links-for-mdj.html

Facebook (public page): facebook.com/MixMargaretDylanJones

Parkerville Amphitheatre: a brief history 1966-2001, info about a documentary which had its first three public screenings in July 2015, and some myth busting: www.parkerville-amphitheatre.com

This blog: www.mixmargaret.com/blog

Site list if you can’t find something: www.mixmargaret.com/site-list.html

External (off-site) contact form, to send me an email (don’t use FB messages): http://fs20.formsite.com/Margaretand/form209924213/index.html (make sure you type your own email address correctly otherwise I won’t be able to reply).

Mix Margaret Dylan Jones, MusB (UWA), DipEd, LTCL, ATCL, AMusTCL, AMusA.

Pianist, accompanist, composer. Teacher of piano, singing, theory, in the Perth area, Western Australia. Associate Composer, AMC. WWC Check.

Androgyne. Very early adopter of the honorific title Mx (or Mix) in 2002.


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