Soul Tree is on the market, with no piano

This amazing organic café in Glen Forrest in the Perth Hills is now up for sale. In the few years Marilyn and Charl have owned and run it they have completely transformed it in almost every way.

In December I gave my last performance there. I’ve discontinued my piano playing residency at the café partly because of the uncertainty over the ownership, but also because I’ve been playing there two to five times a month for fourteen months and it feels like it’s time for a little break.

All the staff and patrons have been delightful. It’s been wonderful playing three hours each time from a repertoire of maybe 10 or 12 hours’ worth of scores, but there are other works I couldn’t play there because they aren’t suitable for creating a relaxing, laid-back atmosphere.

A few originals were sneaked in and were always very well-received. Recently my creative music-composing side has been taking off (well, slightly), so I will soon have more original works to perform, somewhere.

But if you’re looking for very delicious and very healthy food and drink in daylight hours, check them out


New edition of Androgyne Prophecy

1st page

1st page Androgyne Prophecy

Today I will pick-up from the printers the new sheet music for Androgyne Prophecy. Yay! It’s only been eleven years since the first edition, but who’s counting?

I will make more videos of it and a really good recording soon. In the meantime you can see me play the whole piece at

To get your copy of the sheet music click on the green Shopify buttons below, or see HMP Sheet Music to buy direct with a cheque or direct credit. There is also an easy version.

Or drop-in to hear me play at Soul Tree Organic Cafe and get the special price of $15 and save on the p&h too!

I play there on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of each month, so 23 August, 13 & 27 September 2015, 12 noon to closing time at 3pm.

Of course, they also have the most amazing food, very special indeed. See you soon for coffee, cake and music?

Remodelled Soul Tree Organic Café

Today I played piano in the new-look café. It’s quite a different shape and now has a long wooden wall down one side. Everyone said it made the digital piano sound really nice & warm with a rich, full tone much more like an acoustic piano.

A Facebook friend from uni days, flautist & teacher Linda Rossen, turned up with her mother, Iris, and her composer/guitarist son, Max. During my break it was so good to catch up in person. Iris requested Chopin so I played five of my favourite mazurkas. It was very nice to have three pairs of very finely-tuned classical music ears to play for! (Sorry, didn’t get a photo.)

Later my brother Lawrence, and his ladyfriend Lori (direct from Oklahoma City), came in for an organic beef burger. Great to finally meet the lovely Lori in person.

I played a couple of Jones originals: Kuljack and the White Swan (a pas de deux), piano music for ballet which my father composed in 1962 when I was one, and my own Androgyne Prophecy, composed when I was 15/16. Now Lori wants my music for her school teaching so I will have to prioritise my recording project.20150614.04 Soul Tree, Lori & MDJ72 20150614.15 Soul Tree, LJJ & Lori72

See my main site for Classical Sundays at Soul Tree Organic Cafe

Caramel Splash (smoothie) at Soul Tree Organic Café


Caramel Splash (smoothie) at Soul Tree Organic Café

On Saturday I had lunch at the cafe in Glen Forrest (and the next day I played piano there). Marilyn (one of the cafe owners) had shared a post on FB about a Choice magazine article on sugary drinks so I really wanted to check out her smoothies which she said were “super healthy, organic smoothies.” See her post at

I’m particularly keen to avoid or reduce consumption of fructose so I asked her what was in her Caramel Splash. I really wanted to know if it had any kind of sweetener in it.  BTW, it tasted GREAT, and the caramel taste is not achieved with any sort of caramel flavouring thingy nor by heating sugar (nor anything else).

Turns out they have three smoothies made with almond milk, and three made with mostly water. If I remember correctly the Caramel Splash is about three-quarters almond milk, plus banana, Maca, mesquite and date. And that’s it.

So, the sweetener is fruit i.e. fructose. However, it begins as whole pieces of fruit and not fruit juice, which must mean there is not really a lot of fructose in the glass and it’s going to take longer to be absorbed. The almond milk has no sugar of any kind. (Soul Tree also sell fruit juice which I would never drink because of all the fructose in it but some people like that and that’s their business.)

So, my conclusion is: safe to drink, nutritious, and absolutely delicious.