Zig Zag Art Gallery Exhibition music

I had a wonderful time playing some of my favourite piano music at the Zig Zag Cultural Centre’s Art Gallery in Kalamunda a few weeks ago. It was the launch of the three-artist M.A.M.A. exhibition, which runs until 5th July 2015.

Over about two hours I played my Androgyne Prophecy (1977) and lots of pieces by Bach, Chopin, Schumann & MacDowell. This was all for ‘background’ or setting a mood, and many people told me how much they liked my playing and liked the effect.

The three artists in the exhibition are Anne-Marie Wharrie, Christiana Gagiano, and Sultana Shamshi. The guest speaker on opening night was Dominic Savio, monk and artist. Danielle and Sophie, daughters of textile artist Anne-Marie, took some great photos (below). There was a large and enthusiastic crowd most of the time.

It was nice to catch up with Andrew Partington (with the cap), a fellow UWA music student from way back.

This lovely exhibition is called M.A.M.A. (Mother.Artists.Mother.Artists.), with all the dots,  because these roles (being a mother and being an artist) keep getting interrupted. See http://www.wharrie.com/index_Page1344.htm and http://www.zzcc.com.au/

Anne-Marie is now making me a really nice fabric covering for my digital piano to replace the temporary one used on the night. Then I’ll be all set to play for more launches!

See my second blog post about Anne-Marie’s art. She used an original piano composition of mine as the sound track for a video:

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