Music for Renewal of Wedding Vows & Peggie’s Passing

This was my idea of fun: playing my favourite classical music and getting paid for it. I even managed to sneak in a couple of originals, “Puck at Parkerville” and “Rainbows Over Hovea,” which are very bright, bubbly, happy pieces.

MDJ at piano

Me at the piano

A few days ago Kelly & Marcus renewed their wedding vows twelve years into their marriage. This time they had two lovely daughters, Maya and Zoe, to help them with the ceremony.

Marcus renewing his wedding vowsI’ve been teaching piano to Marcus and his daughters so I was very happy to take on the role of pianist for the ceremony.

I hope to do more playing like this. The original intention was to play the repertoire from my 16-month Soul Tree Organic Cafe residency (sadly, that cafe exists no more). However, it quickly became apparent the occasion was more like a party, so much more lively music was called for.

We’d already agreed on a couple of items for special points in the event, being Pachelbel’s Canon in D and Debussy’s Clair de lune, which are not exactly exciting though they are very lovely. So for the rest I played other selections which happened to be in the scores I’d brought with me.

Riverside at Woodbridge Cafè & Restaurant. Above the tables you can see vineyards on the other side of the Swan River.

I was told by several people my playing was “Perfect, like a CD.” I guess ‘perfect’ has become a relative term! It wasn’t quite note perfect but I did play musically.

The happy occasion came just two days after a very sad one. My fiancée, Jenny, said goodbye to her dearly beloved mother at a very moving funeral service attended by a large contingent of family and friends. It was a privilege to make recordings of Clair de lune and Für Elise for Peggie’s service.

One day I must revisit these and many other works and make some serious recordings for my first proper CD. A couple of times Peggie had urged me to record an original item, “Reuben’s Big Day Out,” and send it to former PM Paul Keating, to whom it is dedicated. (Note to self: must get on to that.)

Peggie Nairn was a much-loved lady I only knew for about a year and half, though we did have some long talks. She cared deeply for all her close and extended family and welcomed me into that family right from the start. So thoughtful and always thinking of others. She is sorely missed.